J.F. Kennedy Library Titles


  • Six Jamaican Educators
  • The Essential Barack Obama: The Grammy Award-Winning Recordings


Early Childhood

  • Milly, Molly and the Elephant
  • Milly Molly and Penny Royal
  • Milly, Molly and the Pumpkin Seeds



  • American Prose and Poetry in the 20th Century
  • Context in Literature: American Drama 1900-1990
  • Context in Literature: Romanticism
  • Context in Literature: Women’s Literature Past and Present
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • A Kestrel for a Knave
  • Thinking Skills
  • Cape Communication Studies
  • Content Area Reading
  • Freedoms Won
  • Liberties Lost
  • Managing Pupils Behaviour: Key Issues In Teaching and Learning


Journal Titles

  • Economic and Social Survey Jamaica 2005, 2006
  • Jamaica Survey of Living Conditions 2006, 2007
  • The Jamaican Child
  • The Construction of Gender Development Indicators for Jamaica
  • The Jamaican Pre-school Child: the Status of Early Childhood Development in Jamaica
  • JA People: Persons with Disabilities
  • Jamaican Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education; Pre-school Through Age 24
  • Caribbean Journal of Education April 2008
  • Journal of Caribbean History Volumes 36 & 42
  • Caribbean Quarterly December 2008
  • The Elementary School Journal vol. 109 no.4, March 2009 & vol. 109 no. 5, May 2009 (ECIL)
  • Journal of Educational Psychology vol. 101 No. 2, May 2009 (ECIL)
  • Teachers College Record vol.111 no. 4, April 2009 & vol.111 no. 5, May 2009 (ECIL)


Our Heritage

  • Edward Seaga: My Life and Leadership
  • Inna di Dancehall: Popular Culture and Politics of Identity in Jamaica
  • Sing Jamaica: A Musical and Literary Salute to Jamaica
  • Sprinting into History: Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games
  • Lion Heart Gal: Life Stories of Jamaican Women
  • The Story of Moravians (A Jamaican Caribbean Perspective)
  • Jamaican Folk Medicine: A Source of Healing
  • Brown Gal in de Ring: 12 Jamaican Folk Songs
  • The Right to be Proud: Brief Guide to Jamaican Heritage Sites
  • Highlight Jamaica
  • City of Kingston Souvenir, 1802-2006: Facing the Twenty-First Century
  • Christmas in Jamaica
  • Sealy’s Caribbean Leaders
  • Beautiful Jamaica
  • Land of my Birth!
  • Jimmy Tucker Songs of Jamaica (Patriotic and National Songs)
  • Between the Crown and the Eagle…: Jamaica Calling
  • Shekinah
  • Praise and Worship: Music of the Moravians
  • Jim and Jan – The College Years
  • One God! One Aim! One Destiny!


Our Heritage (Fiction)

  • Bernie and the Captain’s Ghost
  • Mek Mi Tell Yuh
  • The Harder They Come
  • Louise Bennett Selected Poems
  • Louise Bennett Jamaica Labrish
  • Tek Mi! No Tek Mi! Caribbean Folktales
  • Jojos Treasure Hunt
  • Little Island Big Adventures
  • Every Little Thing Will Be All Right
  • When me was a boy


Social Studies / Geography

  • Teaching and Assessing Skills in Geography
  • Year Six: Our World Environment
  • Modules In Social Studies
  • Integrated Practice Test: Social Studies
  • Patronage or Partnership: Local Capacity Building in Humanitarian Crises
  • Social Studies for CSEC Examinations



  • Sociology for Caribbean Students
  • Sociology: A Global Introduction
  • Sociology: Themes and Perspectives
  • Caribbean Sociology: Introductory Readings