Aesthetics (Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education)

Shortwood Teacher's College Aesthetics Faculty


The Department of Aesthetics (Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts) at Shortwood Teachers’ College is dedicated to offering courses that promote a basic understanding and appreciation of the nature of the Arts as discrete disciplines or through an integrated approach. In addition, the department provides opportunity for students to develop their creative abilities and aesthetic sensitivity through applied instruction and practical application.

Vision Statement

To create a community that values the arts in education, promotes the Jamaican culture and embraces a tradition of excellence in creativity to foster the development of a sound mind in a sound body.

Mission Statement

  • Provide courses that satisfy the certification requirements of the Joint Board of Teacher Education and the University of the West Indies (Mona).
  • Offer quality courses and programs in music, physical education and the visual arts for teacher training through (immersion in, and exposure to) performing, creating/composing, listening and appraising.
  • Enrich the cultural and educational experience of the college community through the arts.
  • Provide students with developmentally and culturally appropriate resources to foster cross-curricular learning.
  • Create an environment that allows students to develop their artistic, creative and athletic potential through individual or ensemble performance.
  • Raise awareness of the Arts and aesthetic issues through teaching and our involvement in competitions, conferences as well as research.

Faculty Members

  1. Lorna Coke - Acting HOD/ Lecturer (Music) |

  2. Donnet Gayle - Lecturer (Physical Education) |

  3. Nigel Webb - Lecturer (Physical Education) |

  4. Shun Lawton - Lecturer (Visual Arts) |