Religious Education

Shortwood Teacher's College Religious Education Faculty


Mission Statement

The Department of Religious Education exists to:

  • Provide training at the bachelor level focusing on three programmes: Double Major, Major and Minor.
  • Engage student-teachers in discourses of reflection that encourage the development of critical and analytical skills regarding their areas of concentration.
  • Cultivate understanding of and respect for religious diversity as an integral part of education for citizenship in a pluralistic society and world.
  • Provide training to allow for a greater level of awareness and adeptness of religious phenomena worldwide and in local communities.
  • Advance the discipline of religious studies through a commitment to scholarly inquiry, research and discussion.

Vision Statement

To educate students towards an appreciation for the importance of religion in the formation of ethical, social and moral principles within societies and to encourage the attitude of respect for diverse religious, social, political and cultural ideologies to enhance harmonious coexistence among peoples. This, with a view to effect positive growth and change in the societies in which they will ultimately serve.

Faculty Members

  1. Kenneth Runcie - Head of Department |

  2. Colinnet Wiltshire-Brown - Senior Lecturer |

  3. Margaret Downer-Messias - Lecturer |

  4. - |

  5. Nattalie McKenzie - Lecturer |