Modern Languages

Shortwood Teacher's College Modern Languages Faculty



  • Expanding new horizons through foreign languages and culture


To provide a cadre of teachers who are:

  • Qualified, sensitive, insightful and committed;
  • Responsive to the needs and aspirations of their students;
  • Able to deliver both formal and informal curricula and able to demonstrate a high degree of linguistic, communicative and pedagogical competence in the Spanish and French languages.

Core values

  • Spirit of excellence
  • Openness to diversity
  • Lifelong learning
  • Love
  • Passion

Initiatives & Involvement

1. Modern Languages Alumni Association (MLAA)

In September 2015, the MLAA was launch and to date there are over forty members (locally and internationally) involved in the activities of the alumni association.


The vision of the Modern Languages Alumni Association is to empower past and present students to positively contribute to the growth and development of the teaching and learning of foreign languages.


The MLAA is a dynamic group of trained teachers of foreign languages which seeks to:

  • assist the department in its efforts to provide world class teaching and learning experiences
  • foster social relations among past and present students
  • provide mentorship to student-teachers of the College
  • promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages
  • act as a support arm to the department
  • provide professional development for its members


The members of the department are actively involved in the following:

  • Quality Assurance Conferences
  • Middle Manager’s Seminar
  • The National Standards Curriculum Workshop (Reviewers and trainers)
  • The Summer Institute (Shortwood Professional Development)
  • TCJ Professional Development Conferences


  The members are also involved in the following associations/institutions:

  • Jamaica Teachers’ Association – JTA
  • Asociación Nacional de Profesores de Español – ANPE
  • Jamaica Association for French Teachers – JAFT
  • Translators & Interpreters Association – TIA
  • Alliance Française de la Jamaïque – AFJ
  • The American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese – AATSP
  • AIH



  1. Bachelors in Education Spanish & French
  2. Advance Credit Degree Programme (ACP) Spanish or French
  3. Exchange & Immersion Programmes:
    • In 2009 the Department of Modern Languages welcomed the partnership with Institut de Formation des Maîtres (IUFM), integrated at the University of Montpellier II, France. Through this agreement, students of Shortwood Teachers’ College undergo six weeks of training in Montpellier. During this period, students are required to participate in cultural excursions as well as take courses in French as a foreign language, French Literature and French Methodology. The Department of Modern Languages at Shortwood would in return host students of IUFM which would see them placed in schools in Jamaica to teacher French and other subjects at the secondary level.
    • In May 2015, the Department once again established a new partnership with Université Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France. Students who major in French within the Department spend six weeks at the university where they do courses in French methodology, French Language, French Literature and participating in cultural activities.
    • Students of the Modern Languages Department are afforded the opportunity to teach for twelve months at the Language Centre at Corporación Universitaria del Caribe. This initiative was established in September 2015. In return, Columbian students will pursue training at Shortwood Teachers’ College.
    • Since 2013, the Universidad de Panama and Shortwood Teachers’ College have had a strong partnership. Lecturers and administrative staff of the University undergo studies in English as a foreign language at the College. Students of Shortwood visit Panama for six weeks during which they are engaged in cultural activities and pursue courses in Spanish as foreign, Spanish methodology and Spanish Literature. During an official visit to Panama Dr. Christopher Clarke, Principal of the Shortwood Teachers’ College, met with the Chancellor, Director of International Relations, Ministry of Education officials and four principals of the Regional University Centre of the University of Panama to strengthen the existing collaboration.



Language Courses

  • Foundations of College Spanish/ French 1,2
  • Beginners’ French*
  • Intermediate Spanish/French 1 & 2
  • Advanced Spanish/French
  • Advanced Communication in Spanish/French
  • Functional Spanish/French (elective for non-specialist students)

Culture Courses

  • Hispanic/Francophone Culture & Civilization 1 & 2

Literature Courses

  • Introduction to Hispanic/ Francophone Literature
  • Further Hispanic /Literature (Advance Credit Programme)
  • Women Writers in Hispanic/Literature
  • Women Writers in Francophone Literature
  • Afro-Hispanic/Afro-Francophone Literature
  • 17th Century Classical French
  • Golden Age Literature in Spanish

Methodology Courses

  • Foreign Language Education 1 & 2
  • Foreign Language Education 3 & 4
  • Linguistics 1 & 2


  • Compulsory student immersion in a country where the target languages are spoken (France/Panama 6 Weeks)

Faculty Members

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  2. Aracelis Duffus-Anedu - Senior Lecturer (Acting) |

  3. Keriffe Clark - Lecturer |

  4. Kathey Grant-Wanliss - Lecturer |

  5. - |

  6. Tesha Thompson - Lecturer |

  7. Leonie Wallace - Lecturer |