Language Arts

Shortwood Teacher's College Language Arts Faculty



Preparing professionals adept at communicating in Standard English and imparting to students love for language and literature.


The mission of the Language Arts Department is to:

  • design and implement courses and programmes that satisfy certification requirements of the J.B.T.E.;
  • engage students in developing knowledge and understanding of the local language situation as a means of guiding their approach to teaching;
  • engage students in discovering and using methodology and content appropriate to teaching language and literature at the secondary level;
  • utilize various methodologies to effect positive change, where necessary, in students’ perspectives on the teaching — learning process;
  • reward students for outstanding academic achievement as a means of inspiring excellence in performance;
  • assist students in the development of appropriate social and moral values, and an awareness of the need to transmit these to others;
  • disseminate knowledge about language and literature through teaching as well as writing for publication and presenting papers at professional conferences;
  • assist students to develop competence in their use of English.



  • Language Arts courses

Faculty Members

  1. Julette Patterson - HOD |

  2. Dahlia Robinson - Senior Lecturer |

  3. Pauline White - Senior Lecturer |

  4. Janice Beckford - Lecturer |

  5. Tracy-Ann Beckford - Lecturer |

  6. Shalene Kinkead-Cope - Lecturer | Lecturer

  7. Sandra Green - Lecturer |

  8. Janette McLaren - Lecturer |

  9. Dahlia Palmer - Lecturer |