Human Ecology

Shortwood Teacher's College Human Ecology Faculty



To stimulate the quest for professional excellence through advanced educational opportunities.

Department Mission

The Human Ecology Department, (formerly Home Economics), exists to provide diverse opportunities that will develop the knowledge, skills and professional attitude of our students and will enable us to harness the potential of the individuals in our care. It is our mission to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in personal development, social behaviour and interpersonal relationships
  • select and utilize available resources for the improvement of individuals, families and communities
  • demonstrate responsible attitudes towards consumerism and embrace entrepreneurial opportunities



  • Human Ecology courses


  1. Bachelor of Education in Teaching (Four Year full-time)

Faculty Members

  1. Andrea Searchwell - Senior Lecturer (Actg.) |

  2. - |

  3. Carol Wongsue - Lecturer |

  4. Sharon Thomas - Lecturer |

  5. Sophia Gray Goode - HOD (Actg.) |