Geography, History & Social Studies

Shortwood Teacher's College Geo-History Faculty



“Learn from the past the future is yours”

Mission Statement

The mission of the Geography, History and Social Studies Department is to:

  • Inculcate a strong sense of civic responsibility among students
  • Cultivate problem solving skills among students
  • Recognize and reward students for outstanding academic achievement
  • Promote co-operative learning strategies as one avenue to encourage positive interaction among students
  • Instill in students the value of field exercises as part of the teaching-learning process
  • Foster in students a sense of responsibility for the natural environment
  • Engender in students a love for Jamaica’s cultural heritage and a commitment to harness this culture for future generations
  • Encourage activities that will foster ‘good citizenship’ in students

Vision Statement

To be a centre of excellence nurturing the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for effective global citizenship

Faculty Members

  1. Sandra Shelly - Head of Department |

  2. Marleen Bartley - Senior Lecturer |

  3. Farah Christian - Lecturer |

  4. June Hoilett - Lecturer |