Early Childhood Education

Shortwood Teacher's College Early Childhood Faculty


The Department of Early Childhood Education programmes cater to the vast number of persons seeking to further their studies in Teacher Education.


Promoting and maintaining quality early childhood education and professionalism, so as to make Shortwood Teachers’ College the regional benchmark for preparing early childhood personnel.


  • The department is committed to ensuring that the College’s overall mission, goals and objectives are implemented and achieved by:
  • promoting in staff and students the ability to utilize a range of teaching strategies and skills
  • fostering critical inquiry through rigorous research practices
  • identifying trends and devising appropriate responses to meet the needs of our external partners, and
  • encouraging and promoting lifelong learning practices.
  • These will be achieved by providing a cadre of highly professional staff who are qualified, sensitive, insightful, committed and able to deliver both formal and informal curricula that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of our students and clients.



The Department embraces the college’s values, and staff will practise these in their work and relationships with each other and with the students. This ethos will be achieved by:

  • providing a purposeful and effective teaching and learning environment, in which all members of the department can achieve their maximum potential
  • establishing a welcoming environment, in which courtesy, kindness and respect are fostered
  • modelling positive attitudes and behaviours
  • valuing and celebrating the successes and achievements of all members of the community
  • the provision of emotional and professional support to colleagues and students, and
  • the effective management of time.


  1. Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education (For untrained teachers & practitioners)
  2. Bachelor of Education in Teaching (Four Year full-time)

Faculty Members

  1. Julene McLaughlin - Head of Department |

  2. Theresa Brown - Lecturer |

  3. Rochelle Williams - Lecturer |

  4. Suzette Kelly-Williams - Lecturer |