Vice Principal of Academic Affairs

Dr. George Dawkins

George Dawkins

George Dawkins joined the College in 1988 as a lecturer in Mathematics and has served the College as HOD of Mathematics, Director of Research, Development & Projects, and is currently Vice-Principal for Academic Affairs & Research. His service to education is not limited to Shortwood as he serves as Adjunct Professor for Northern Caribbean University, University of South Florida, Florida International University, and the University of the West Indies, Jamaica.

As VP for Academic Affairs & Research, he is responsible for the College’s academic programme in terms of curriculum planning and development, quality assurance, and student academic matters. He has direct supervision of the Registrars’ Office, Examination Department, Library Services, and Supervision of Part-time Programmes. He is passionate about research and has successfully spearheaded the College’s inaugural research conference in 2010, and four subsequent annual research conferences. He continues to support faculty in conducting action based research and developed the College’s research policy for implementation in 2016.

He has presented numerous research papers at local and international educational conferences, authored articles, reports, students’ guidebooks in mathematics, research and technology, and has developed mathematics curricula for various educational agencies including the Ministry of Education and Youth, Jamaica; the Consortium of Institutions of Teacher Education as well as engaging in private consultancy in developing instructional books in pedagogy, technology applications in education, Research Methods, Quantitative data analysis and Mathematics.

The Vice Principal, Academic Affairs and Research is a member of the Senior Leadership Management Team and sits on the Quality Assurance Committee. In addition, he also:

1. Leads and supports the Academic teams working with:

  • Head of Academic Departments
  • Library Services
  • Information Technology
  • Joint Board of Teacher Education
  • Teachers Colleges of Jamaica
  • Examinations Officer
  • Registrar, Practicum Coordinator/Director of Practicum

2. Manages the co-ordination of the Teaching Practice across departments.

3. Ensures the implementation of students’ evaluation of courses.

4. Supports departments in their work for accreditation — JBTE/ Self Study/UCJ etc.

5. Co-ordinates the monitoring and evaluation of students’ performance and ensures the JBTE/TCJ regulations are applied as necessary at the departmental level. Ensures that the Principal is made aware of students who are under performing.

6. Co-ordinates the annual Academic Awards ceremony for students in consultation with the Principal.

7. Co-ordinates the annual Graduation Ceremony — in liaison with the Examinations’ Office, Official Functions Committee, Principal, and Vice Principal, Administration.

8. Represents the College at JBTE Exams Accreditation and TCJ Academic Board meetings.

9. Monitors and reports to the Senior Management Leadership Team on the performance of each department’s student cohorts — recruitment, selection, orientation and completion.

10. Works with the Registrar to gather baseline data on students and with the Examination’s Officer on their achievements.

11. Ensures that those aspects of the College’s strategic plan which are under portfolio are monitored and reported on.

12. Develops Research Policy and Agenda in collaboration with Departments and external stakeholders.

13. Works with Principals and schools to develop “flag ship” teaching practice schools and Research Agenda.

14. Chairs meetings of College’s Academic Board.

15. Implements decisions arising from Academic Board

16. Manages the design, development, implementation and review of all academic programmes unique to Shortwood Teachers’ College.

17. Co-ordinates the programmes offered in the Evening Division.

18. Assists the Principal with Principal’s Option as requested.

19. Meets with students on a regular basis to update on academic matters and receive feedback.

20. Participates in performance appraisal of academic staff.

21. Participates in the annual review of students’ academic performance.

22. Advises Principal on developments relating to portfolio responsibility.

23. Represents the College at functions and meetings as instructed by Principal.


Office of Research

The Office of Research, Development & Projects (RDP) was conceptualized and initiated by the management of Shortwood Teachers’ College in September, 2008 to achieve one of its medium to long term strategic targets: to engage faculty and students in action-based research to address issues, concerns, problems at the college to support its growth and development, and to extend and communicate this knowledge nationally and internationally, where applicable. The First director was Dr. George Dawkins. In 2013, when Dr. Dawkins was promoted to VP for Academic Affairs, he retained the function of Director of Research.

Mission Statement

The Office of Research is committed to providing the college community with the training, resources, and motivation required to conduct action based research for personal, professional, institutional, and national development.

The primary function of the Office of Research is to:

  • lead the development and implementation of a research and development policy for the college;
  • manage/process the student evaluation of courses including analyzing and reporting on results;
  • liaise with QA Director and HoDs in order to develop the college’s research agenda
  • ensure that staff development activities in support of research and development are accessed by staff;
  • manage the research and development budget under the instruction of the principal;
  • seek funding for approved research and development projects;
  • identify specific college development needs (staff, students, plant, systems, etc.) and develop agenda plans for their accomplishment;
  • oversee the management of funded projects ;
  • engage, support, and train faculty and departments in action-based research; and
  • identify and develop strategic plans for emerging college development needs.