Director of Practicum, Professional Development and Projects – Dr. Everton Cummings

Everton Cummings

The Office of Practicum, Projects and Professional Development, at Shortwood Teachers’ College (STC), is primarily responsible for coordinating and supervising all levels of the Teachers’ Colleges of Jamaica (TCJ) Teaching Practicum. More specifically, the office is responsible for establishing relationships with cooperating early childhood and secondary schools, and liaising with the College’s Departments, Joint Board of Teacher Education (JBTE), and Teachers’ Colleges of Jamaica, in respect to practicum matters and school placements. The office is also responsible for coordinating and managing professional development activities for the college’s academic staff. The exploration, planning and implementation of special academic programme related projects also fall within the mandate of this office.

Everton Cummings (Ph.D.) is the current Director of the Practicum, Projects and Professional Development Office. He has divided his 28 years of teaching between the Jamaican and Canadian education systems.  Everton completed doctoral studies at the Ontario Institute for the Studies in Education (University of Toronto) in the Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development Programme. His other academic achievements include an M.Ed. (York University), and a Dip.Ed. (University of the West Indies). His research interests have focused on student teachers and teacher education, primarily in the Jamaican/Caribbean/Canadian contexts. More recent research interests have focused on the supervision of student teachers’ action research.